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If you like classic cars and live towards the south of Alabama, you may have found the perfect club for you. Really we are a loose affiliation as we currently have no membership fee and accept all variety of cars as long as they are classic. It doesn't matter if they're a Chevy built in Motor City or a Jaguar built in Coventry, England, if you love the car who are we to argue. We not only have restored cars in our membership, but also souped up vehicles too. Possibly the highlight of our club is our events which are extremely popular. Those of you who do have a love for cars, in particular old school ones then this is the kind of club you'll want to get involved in. It's great sharing a passion for the internal combustion engine with like-minded people, whether you're talking street rods, RAC breakdown cover on a holiday in the UK or varieties of leather seating, then you'll find similar enthusiasts here But what is it about cars that people love so much? Well for starters there is the big fact that they can transport you from one place to another. Admittedly some of the older cars may not perform quite as well as some of the newer cars on the market but just the mere fact that something which looks so great also has a purpose. The look of the cars we deal with here are a big part of our passion for cars. Take a T-Bucket for example. The hot rod is based on a Ford Model T, but it has been really really modified. Sometimes they have even been built with replica components, so it looks like a Model T. Getting to know the different aspects of vehicles like this really is part of the fun of car club. You can learn so much, see some really unusual cars and really get to grips with car mechanics.